Rushing Through the Hills: An Adventure in Adaptive Sports

Adaptive Sports Clinics

It was a beautiful day at the River Front in Louisiana, and Julian and I were ready to take on the hills and bike trails with our custom box wheelchairs. As we shredded through the terrain, we felt the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of pushing our limits. It was a moment that we will never forget.

This adventure was part of our monthly adaptive sports clinic, which aims to provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities and push their boundaries. Custom box wheelchairs were made to handle an array of terrains, and they did not disappoint. We were able to tackle the hills and bike trails with ease and have a blast while doing it.

As we were enjoying our day, a Rapides Parish cop stopped by to show their support. They gave us a thumbs up and cheered us on, reminding us that anything is possible with determination and a positive attitude. This interaction was a testament to the community’s support for adaptive sports and the impact it has on individuals with disabilities.

At the end of the day, Julian and I left the River Front feeling accomplished and empowered. This experience has shown us that adaptive sports can provide individuals with disabilities a sense of freedom, adventure, and self-discovery. It was a day filled with fun, laughter, and memories.

We encourage everyone to participate in adaptive sports and experience the thrill of pushing your limits. Whether it is through adaptive cycling, adaptive surfing, or any other adaptive activity, the benefits are endless. So, let’s get out there and start shredding the hills!

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