Thank you for your support


RE: Thank You note

Here at the Louisiana Action Sports Program by TNT 360 Mobility, we want to thank you for going above and beyond what was expected to ensure that our event becomes a success. Thank you for being a generous sponsor and supporter of the Central Louisiana Adaptive Sports Clinic. Your support will help revitalize the lives of many people with disabilities in our community.

Were it not for your support, Louisiana Action Sports could not have managed to work towards transforming the community by enabling individuals to unlock their full potential, live happier and more independent lives. Your support helped us to give individuals with disability the opportunity to share their experiences with others, thus allowing them to learn more about their capabilities and realize that disability is not an inability. The clinic gathered enough resources and equipment to ensure the total capacity of 25 participants.

The early feedback has been highly positive, and the organization intends to step up its efforts to meet the challenge fueled by a true passion for sports and utilize them as a life-changing tool. Your support has truly touched the lives of many! The organization could not have achieved what it has so far without your generous support.


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